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Inca Gold Hot Sauce

Customer Testimonial – Matthew from Texas

Inca Gold Hot Sauce

For us, quarantine posed an opportunity to cook a lot of foods that either we would typically eat at a restaurant or just weren’t typically in our rotation.  This included homemade french fries, roasted turnips, spicy Chinese green beans, and for this meal Hot wings!  We didn’t have a deep fryer so I found the recipe below for baking them.  The baking powder mixture provided some crisp to the wings.  The recipe called for baking them on a wire rack to get better crispiness, but we didn’t have this either.  I just laid them directly on the foil-lined baking sheet.  They turned out great, and adding the sauce using Hurricane Bob’s made them perfect.

I liked the Cajun Dew sauce the best with the chicken wings.  It has a flavor in the same vein as Tabasco but with more depth of flavor.  Where I would never think to put Tabasco on hot wings, Hurricane Bob’s Cajun Dew has that right mix of spice and vinegar that worked really well with the chicken.  The Inca Gold flavor made the wings look strikingly gold for something different than the normal orange/red color everyone is used to.  The mix of three peppers (Habanero, Aji Amarillo, and Rocoto) provided just as a distinctive taste as the look.  Looking back on the flavor I probably could have added a bit more honey to the Inca Gold mix to dial back for my tastes.  We will definitely be continuing our quarantine culinary adventure and Hurricane Bob’s will continue to be a part of it.

Matthew C., Tomball, TX